Fluid Interaction

Information overload is a design problem. Think brain-friendly.

Fluid Interaction is an award-winning UX design agency based in Helsinki, Finland. In our previous life, we focused in fixing the information overload on Twitter with “the most beautiful” Twitter app ever, twheel. It brought us fame, love and awards, but not a solid business model to build on.

This led us back to the drawing board, until the smartwatches came… Smartwatches are the first step in dismantling mobile phone into wearable computing. And this change needs brain-friendly design and for this purpose we have developed watch face app Watcher - smart watch for your smartwatch.

Still based on the wise words of our beloved, deceased partner Ilpo Kojo: ”Information design and data visualization are forms of art. Under the hood, there’s more. The knowledge of how we perceive, interpret and interact with data is derived from cognitive science. Based on research, data can be displayed in ways that are both visually compelling and easy for brains to handle.”

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  • twheel product shot narrow
    twheel product shot narrow
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    twheel product shot wide
  • twheel™ Comedy Showdown
    twheel™ Comedy Showdown
  • twheel comedy product shot
    twheel comedy product shot
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    Vivas -viihdeuutissovellus

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