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Twheel -Twitter (r)evolved! Visualized as a rotating wheel, the brain-friendly app fights information overload by pulling signals out of noise. Twheel highlights conversation topics, sources and popularity with visual pop-outs such as colors and form deviations - the formats our brains observe the fastest. The next generation touch interface works by maintaining contact with the screen: moving a finger towards any piece of content dynamically magnifies it, enabling easy selection and processing. Twheel is the only user interface available that measures the time spent focused on individual pieces of content, supporting the development of content quality instead of maximizing click-throughs. Our goal with Twheel is to create the most beautiful Twitter app ever!

Twheel is developed by Fluid Interaction, an award-winning user experience design firm based in Helsinki, Finland. For further information, please visit www.fluid.fi and www.twheel.com.

Twheel is a new and improved incarnation of our Different Tack (www.differenttack.com) -the award-winning brain-friendly Twitter app that is available in Nokia store.

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