Fluid Interaction

This functionality is the main way twheel can provide deeper analytics, by allowing you to see how much brand value and interest you provide followers with. Social media has become more and more of a science, but retweets and favorites have gotten polluted, thanks to the number of bots and auto tweets.

I do enjoy the various streams of thoughts which come from Twitter and those trends and people I follow, so when there is an app which can makeit better to do so, I will take a gander at it. On my smartphone, that has been Different Tack by Fluid Interaction. It’s not Gravity, but in terms of enjoying and retaining whatever I am reading, it works well. Fluid Interaction poked me some days ago about the iOS version of this app, called twheel (v1.0.0), and I have some thoughts after going about using it for a few days on and off.